Web Design Overview

What's involved in getting your site up and running? First off, we need to discuss your goals, requirements, budget, and timeline. Once I have a feel for what you need, I can pull together a proposal and a layout for initial review.

On your end, you'll need to have a domain (like: whatever.com or widget.com) and a domain host - a place to house your domain and the files that make up your website. I can help walk you through these steps or we can use your existing domain/host. You will also be required to provide me with the text and photos you want incorporated into your design. Waiting for these files is often the most time consuming part in rolling out a website, but if you need my with photography or verbiage, I'm always happy to help.

The first page I design is your homepage because that is generally the first page everyone will see. The homepage generally has a bit more imagery and navigation than content, but this is a great place to put your company's mission statement or introduction. If you have a particular font, color, image size, layout, or navigation style that you want incorporated into the site, let me know and I'll make it happen.

Once you are happy with the site's home page design, we can layout the rest of your information on the content pages. Content pages generally have less of the imagery and they get to the heart of the information you want to pass along. Once again, if you have a design style in mind for the content pages, let me know and I'll bring your design to life.

Throughout the design process, you will have access to the test site to follow my progress and make recommendations or tweeks to what you see. I am always open to suggestions, so please let me know if you see something you don't like or if you see a way to make something work better!

I'll test your site on multiple web browsers to ensure that the user experience is seemless regardless of which brower your visitor uses. Once the site is fully developed, I will go over it with you to find any last minute tweeks and changes. Once you sign off on the final look, I'll publish your site to your domain host and turn the keys over to you. Each site I create is pretty well documented so if you have a techy person on staff or if you are one yourself, small changes can be made to the site with minimal web design knowledge. I'll always have a copy of the final site on my server so if you make a major mistake, we can always set things right.

How much will your site cost? Check out the web pricing page.
Want to see some of my work in action? Check out the gallery of sites page.

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