My Biography

Hi, I'm Dan Salinas. Thanks for visting my website.

I grew up in the Napa Valley, an interest in wine and the wine industry have been deeply encoded into my DNA. Soccer, my soccer mates, and my soccer team (Manchester United) have also enriched my life from the earliest days. My 1970s-1980s upbringing corresponded to the invention of video games (including my beloved: "Space Tactics") and personal computers. This spawned in me a technological interest that has never waned.

By the time the Internet became popular, I had a coder's mentality and considerable wine experience under my belt. My summertime work on wine bottling lines led me into the wine cellars and then into the tasting room. Running a tasting room in Napa Valley during the 1990s gave me the opportunity to design and implement my first professional website.

As the Internet grew from a text/static-image based platform into one alive with video clips, Flash animations, and more refined scripting, I continued to expand my skill set to stay on top of the wave. Although I will never attempt to pass myself off as an artist, I have learned graphic design and I use these skills to complement my web designs.

If you are interested in having a reasonably priced website to showcase what you, your club, or your business is all about, send me a note and we can discuss the scope of your project and the prices/timeframes involved. Check out some of the websites I've launched and start your creative juices flowing.

Dan Salinas.com

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